What Makes You Sparkle? Rediscover The Real You Again.

Rediscover the Real You-Happy Woman Holding Delicate Fairy Lights

If life has you questioning things right now, perhaps it’s time to rediscover the real you again…

Remember when you were little and anything seemed possible? You used to spend hours out on your bike/building dens/making rose petal perfume … All with some whimsical storyline interwoven, spreading some magic. The world was your oyster. That beautifully perfect life, and dream career, would be waiting for you just around the corner, when you grew up. Now I’m not talking fairy dust and unicorns, but if deep down you miss that sheer sense of inner wonderment and joy, and thinking that your life is lacking in purpose, it might just be time to rediscover the real you again.

If you feel like your grown-up life has lost its sparkle, then you need to reconnect with what it is that takes you to your happy place.

The good news is that lighting that fire once again, can be easier than you think. Feeling stuck and questioning where your life is taking you, can be the catalyst for reconnecting with your passions.

Reconnect with your best memories

If you don’t journal, you do now! Describe your best and most meaningful memories. What were you doing? How did you feel? What did you love about being in that moment? Think about what those moments and memories tell you about your passions and the balance you strive to create in your life now.

Dig deep

Now synch up those ideas with your core values and beliefs. Identifying your life priorities creates the sense of purpose that gives your passions direction and focus, creating the energy you need to instigate change. Ask yourself ‘What would I do if I had the financial freedom to do anything?’ If there’s an activity you once enjoyed, or a hobby you once loved that you can imagine doing for the next 10 years, you may have found the key to finding your passion.

Fan the flames

Maya Angelou – writer, activist and mother – said “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Start by evolving your ideas into concrete actions. Focus your social media on the things that excite you, seek out new follows, start a photography project on Instagram or blog your journey to discover your passions.

Look at it this way, if you can’t think of a life without doing something you love then you’ve found something to get passionate about.

Look past the horizon

Think bigger picture. Ensure you expand your passions to other areas of your life for the ultimate fulfilment. We spend a large percentage of our time working. Who says it can’t be enjoyable?! If what you do, doesn’t make you bounce out of bed in the morning (ok, so at the very least spark happy emotions!) then I hate to break it to you, but it’s probably not for you.

For a little extra help with this, head on over to our Facebook group: The Modern Motherhood Hub. From the pinned post, download our Workbook “The First Steps to Breaking Free and Discovering Work on Your Terms Doing What You Love”, grab yourself a cuppa and get stuck in!

Don’t sit and wait for the ‘Eureka’ moment

So what happens if inspiration doesn’t strike? If you don’t have a hobby, try revisiting great memories that spark a creative burst instead. It’s not going to jump out and hit you in the face – let’s be real, if that were the case, it would have happened already and you wouldn’t be reading this now!

Finding your passion doesn’t always happen overnight –  and the path that enables you to rediscover the real you, might be off the beaten track. Inspiration may come to you through reading or meditation, taking up a new sport or learning a language. Sometimes we need to take a childish scattergun approach to find something that sticks, but when you find your passion it’s guaranteed to make you sparkle!

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