What is a Virtual Assistant – Why do I Need One?

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Author: Lora: VA, PA, Mum and Owner of  LC Virtual Assistant Services *Modern Mumology and LC Virtual Assistant Services have a business relationship.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

People often ask…What is a Virtual Assistant? What exactly do they do and how can they help me? Well let me explain this a bit more…

A virtual assistant can offer services such as administration, technical and creative support to businesses. They can also offer a helping hand to households, from managing family resources and budgets to scheduling family appointments, the list in endless. All done remotely, from their own location.

All businesses and households have some tasks that can take up so much time, yet can actually be outsourced to a virtual assistant. This then provides additional time that can be used much more effectively to focus on what really matters.

Part of my own work involves helping both Mums in Business AND Mums in General by virtually supporting them and/or their businesses.

But how can they help me? What kind of tasks can I outsource? I hear you say…

Good question!

Virtual assistants can help with a range of tasks for your business such as:

What is a Virtual Assistant-Desk with Stationary and Admin Tasks

Booking appointments with clients

Calendar management

Email management and filtering

Database building and maintenance

Travel booking and arrangements

Set up and manage social media accounts

Event planning

Audio transcription

Or even task for you personally by:

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Helping you find a weekend away

Find a mascot for you children’s birthday

Research the best prices for your utilities

Sort out a cleaner

Organise care for your pets whilst your away…And so much more!

Virtual Assistants enter this line of work quite simply to help. With a can-do attitude and the need to please, it’s often our aim to integrate as a seamless extension to our clients business or household.

My own business, LCVA, prides itself on its flexible and co-working ethos. Building working relationships with you, our client, to ensure that we understand your needs, your plans and your ambitions. We do this with the greatest of care to ensure that we can provide you with a unique, creative, and tailor-made service to help you achieve your goals, no matter if they are personal or professional.

So why not just employ someone full or part time to fulfil these needs?

Well it is very simple, and it comes down to cost and convenience. To employ a full time administration assistant it can cost anything between £12,622 – £23,355. This does not include benefits, HR headaches and bonuses. By working with a virtual assistant you can hire them for the hours you want and to complete the variety of tasks you need completing at that particular time. For example; you can hire a virtual assistant to answer your calls during your meetings, find the next venue for your girls night out and even help find your next family holiday (because everyone needs one of these, right?!)

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Life is so much easier with an extra pair of hands! Just think of a virtual assistant as your go to person to help you tick all those boxes on your to do list…we all know how satisfying it is when those tasks get crossed off!

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