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About Us:

Pleased to Meet You...

I'm Emma, a career coach and mum to three boys. I support ambitious professional women to have the careers they really want once they are parents.
I worked for 15 years as a Management Consultant working with the public sector and mainly the NHS.  I qualified as a career coach in 2014 and established my coaching business in 2016.
I am passionate about coaching and supporting talented women to fulfil their ambitions and shine, while also being the parent they want to be and nurturing themselves.
The best way to get a feel for me and the way I work is to arrange a short call, but first here are some of the things that my clients have say about working with me:
"The coaching Emma offered helped me to integrate my career and family priorities.  Emma offers insightful and inspiring observations grounded in a real understanding of what matters to professional working women,"
"I started with nothing and ended up with a clear view of what I want to do next. I feel stronger and more confident about what I want from my life.  Thank you."
"Emma is an excellent and compassionate listener, has a sharp intuition and wealth of tools that can help you find your way through a life transition. I highly recommend working with her."

How Can I Help You?

As a career coach, I support women who happen to be parents to reengage with their careers, change careers or focus on career progression so that they can have the working lives they really want.
The transition to motherhood is perhaps the biggest transition a woman makes, it can be a very disorienting time. Career progression can slow significantly, your wellbeing can suffer, you can lose confidence and it can feel impossible to balance your children's needs with the needs of your employer.
Too many women struggle to have the career they want after they've had children but they have the same ambitions for their careers as they did pre-children (you've had a child not a personality transplant!).
But it doesn't have to be this way.  It is possible to have the working life you want as a parent. I support women with children to have the careers they want by:
- getting real clarity about what they want from their career and life
- developing their mindset
- understanding their options
- defining their personal brand
- creating opportunities
- leveraging their network
I also provide information, advice and access to a network of other brilliant women supporting women to have successful careers as parents.
I do this through one-to-one career coaching, workshops, group coaching and consultancy services for individuals and also within organisations.
Additionally,  we have an amazing supportive (and free!) Facebook Group-Maternity Natters with Emma Fulton -  I would love to see you in there, so jump on over and join us for help, advice and unrivalled support.

Service Overview: I’m a career coach, here to support women who happen to be parents to reengage with their careers, change careers or focus on career progression [...]

I tailor my coaching packages to meet the needs of my clients.

One-to-One coaching starts from £99 and depends on the length of the programme.

Workshops are £50.

I will be offering a Group programme from October (price TBD).

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