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Fit, Strong, Healthy – Exercise and Nutrition Plans For Busy Mums

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About Us:

Pleased To Meet You...

I'm Laura, and I have the absolute pleasure, every single day, of doing something that I love. That I know will help so many fellow Mamas to feel fit, strong and healthy. In simple terms, I provide exercise and nutrition plans for busy mums, in reality, it truly is so much more than that.

As a busy working mum, with a house, a daughter, a cat, some fish, a hamster and my partner to look after. I know just how easy it is to constantly put yourself last. To have goals but to keep overlooking them because there is always something else to do. I've learnt the hard way that by not taking care of myself, and by letting my health and fitness suffer. The whole family ends up suffering.

I've been an emotional eater for as long as I can remember. This has resulted in a lot of yo-yo dieting over the years. I've hit "goal" weight only to let things slide. Hello weight gain. After having my daughter in 2012, we were going through some pretty hard times as a family, and food was my comfort.... Sound familiar?!

My partner was injured at work and suffered complications during surgery. Leaving him reliant on crutches to walk and in constant excruciating pain. Have you tried walking on crutches and carrying a screaming baby? Trust me, it just doesn't work, for anyone. Fast forward 18 months and things had gotten so bad for him that we reached the very hard decision to have his lower right leg amputated.

This led to further issues for us as a family, and several challenges to face and overcome. The first 3 years of my daughters life I felt confined to the house. I was going out to work but I didn't really have my own life. I didn't feel like I was truly 'living'. My partner needed a lot of help in those early days, and coping with a toddler after his surgery was just too much for him. Plus as a typical man, he somehow thought he would break our daughter - I think she scared him! He's a big man standing at 6'6" so in comparison to our little girl, he is like a giant (think B.F.G!)

Entering into Spring of 2017, and things were (thankfully) very different for us. My partner was fully mobile, not only that, but he was actually competing in disabled strongman competitions. I guess you could say fitness has been our life line. He no longer needed me in quite the same way anymore. Sure, he still battles his anxiety on a daily basis, and we have a (very) independent 4.5yr old, but it became apparent that I could actually spend some time on me. Figure out what I wanted. It was simple. I wanted to feel fit, healthy and comfortable in my own skin.

After years of not looking after myself. I had a lot of work to do. I needed something that I would enjoy. My mission? To find exercise and nutrition plans for busy mums that would help me to feel, (and more importantly stay) motivated. Here was the tricky part though. It had to be family friendly. I don't know about you, but for me, trying to find flexible provisions at a gym was as easy as getting blood from a stone! Eventually, I got lucky. I found exactly what I was after. I'm still on my journey, and I'm still learning every single day about what works for me personally. I do know though, that one size doesn't fit all, that life is about progress, not perfection.

After my own struggle to find the perfect family friendly solution, I became inspired to help other mums to eliminate the same issues that I had experienced. I wanted to provide easily accessible exercise and nutrition plans for busy mums, and cut out the leg work involved in finding something that not only worked, but slotted into 'mum life' with minimal fuss...and so I am here for you. To help you find your own path in health and fitness. To provide you with the support that you need, and to make sure you stay on it!

How Can I Help You?

I am well known for my Mama focus... exercise and nutrition plans for busy mums is my specialism! But to go a bit deeper, I offer online health and fitness coaching. I utilise over 70 different at home workout programs with nutritional plans to compliment, meaning you can eat healthily, and work out, with minimal disruption and time.

I will work with you via virtual boot camps to help guide and motivate you through your journey.

Regardless of your starting point, I have something that can work for you. I understand that circumstances, time commitments and general 'life' can change from one week to the next, so I am fully flexible in my approach to ensure it fits in with YOU.

From 10 minute workouts when you're hard pressed for time, to 60 minute workouts when you feel like you've won the lottery (oh the joys of having little humans to run around after!) you set the pace.

Simple nutritional programs to compliment your physical exercise mean that you will be able to lose weight happily and steadily.

Every step of the way, I am there with you. I will work closely with you to help change your mindset. Together, let's make this a lifestyle change that will last, not a short lived diet.

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Be sure to email me or message me via FB or Instagram to get access to my exercise and nutrition plans for busy mums and find out how you can be part of my next group. Let's hit those goals!

Service Overview: I offer online health and fitness coaching, utilising over 70 different at home workout programs with nutritional plans to compliment, meaning you can eat [...]

I offer packages ranging from £99 to £500 - to understand what you need and what will be the best fit for you, we should talk about your goals and your budget. All options come with 12 months support and coaching as a mimimum.

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