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About Us:

Pleased to Meet You...

Are you ready to make some serious changes?! At Catalyst Develops Optimisation, we specialise in being the catalyst that develops overall optimisation of your life. Our Fitness and Personal Development Coaching doesn't just simply hit on your weight loss or fitness goals. We go much deeper to instil and ensure, long lasting-independant results. We want you to continue on the right path long after your time with us has drawn to an end.

You will be taken on your own personal journey by Danny. Our Performance Coach and former Commando Physical Training Instructor for the Army. Having also trained as an NLP practitioner, Mental Health First Aider and Executive Leadership coach. Danny works with you to tackle more than just the physical aspect.

How Can We Help You?

Specialising in goal setting, goal getting, mindset, and conditioning for all, we want you to succeed. There are 3 Tiers to the service Catalyst Develops Optimisation can provide. Irrespective of what level you opt for, the initial process is the same. Your journey with us always starts with a free consultation.
During this time, your targets will be discussed in great detail, in order for you to develop the additional elements that you did not even know existed! Ensuring that what we set, can not only be achieved, but also surpassed.

Your Free Fitness and Personal Development Coaching Consultation:

A clear action plan is established which is our roadmap to success. A focus is placed on what you have already achieved, and not just what you are attempting to achieve. We do this sustainably with education in all aspects of life to:

- Establish the clients goals/wants/needs (which are all independent of each other) and how they can be delivered.

- Talk through the goal setting and goal getting process, ensuring the congruence.

- Check for chemistry. You as the client, can decide before you commit, if your coach is a right fit for you.

A Brief Overview of Our 3 Tiers:


Development is a broken down service whereby you pay for each item individually according to your own personal need to develop them. Consisting of either programming, physical training, or a combination of the two. Prices start from £25.


Optimisation is an option to formalise the coaching process and optimise your life. It is paid on a monthly basis and designed around individual coaching and regular programming to facilitate growth and results. Prices start from £130


Catalyst is the premium option for whole life coaching. Any area that you might be struggling with, such as: weight loss, confidence, meeting new people, productivity, etc is discussed and reviewed. The correct strategies can then be developed, in order to help overcome most problems. This will be the Catalyst in your life and maximise individual growth. Prices start from £300

What Now?!

You may not have seen the results that you have strived for yet, but this does not mean that they are impossible. What it means is that you simply did not have the right support for YOU. But we are here to change that. Working to your own individual needs, our Fitness and Personal Development Coaching Services are 'the difference that makes the difference'. So reach out and let's get started!

*Distance coaching via mobile media is available. Face to face interactions and mobile/ gym based sessions are also an option for those local to Wirral, U.K. Please mention your preference during your consultation.

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Service Overview: Online Fitness and Personal Development Coaching to instil and ensure, long lasting-independant results. Whatever your goals, mental or physical, we help you succeed.

From £25

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Phone: 07470701984

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