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About Us:

So Pleased You Are Here...

Rina Golan - Yogini, Traveller and Wellbeing Advocate welcomes you to her 3 Day Detox Yoga Retreat. Inviting you to discover what it really means to be well. Mind. Body. And Spirit.

You see...she knows a thing or two about wellness. Her own health came into question during a very successful, yet demanding career as a TV News Producer in Tel-Aviv. A hyperactive thyroid and Type 1 diabetes diagnosis, kick-started a pilgrimage of healing. Rina vowed to deepen her knowledge and find her way back to health more naturally.

Travelling to India to deepen her understanding of Ayurvedic medicine, yogic conscious living and the age-old laws of the Mystics. Initiation into the ancient art of Yoga, and learning how Kundalini yoga kriyas could benefit to her body, brought about a noticeable increase in strength of Rinas nervous system.

One surprising factor to Rina, was that production of serotonin (the ‘happiness’ hormone), was not actually in the brain (as you'd expect), but in the gut. The realisation that there was a crucial connection between diet and mood dawned. Keen to learn more, an intensive course with Dr Gabriel Cousens, world renowned nutritionist, swiftly followed. Here, the importance of two things became prominent. The healing power that raw and whole food possessed, alongside the deep spiritual nature of human nutrition.

The end result? This glorious 3 Day Detox Yoga Retreat!

How Can This Help You...

What benefits can a Detox Yoga Retreat provide?

It's the perfect opportunity to restore and strengthen your body, mind and spirit. Providing a gentle way to cleanse, nourish, rebalance your system, and help you to start feeling more like yourself again. A gateway is opened to some much needed time out for Mums, just like you. Presenting you with the opportunity for 3 whole, magnificent days, to turn attention back to yourself. Allowing you to switch off, relax and replenish. The package includes accommodation for 3 days, organic food, juices and superfood shakes. Woodland walks, extended daily yoga, alongside lifestyle and nutrition advice are all part of the journey.

A perfect setting...

Holycombe retreat centre is situated in Warwickshire, on the edge of the Cotswold village of Whichford, nestled amongst idyllic English Countryside.  A beautiful, family-run, eco country house set in a verdant wooded valley. You truly are in the perfect place to reconnect and be at peace. Getting back to nature, in all its beauty, holds healing and restorative properties in itself... So breathe in the fresh air, soak up the amazing views and.just.relax.

The nutritional content...

Having the opportunity to both prepare and enjoy, delicious, organic raw and cooked meals, complemented with vegetable drinks, fruit juices and superfood shakes/shots. You will learn about the importance of food, and its direct link to how you feel. The incorporation of superfoods in this detox yoga retreat, can help you to kickstart weight management, aid digestion and begin to beat stress. Organic produce often has more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, over their conventionally grown counterparts. Learning first hand, the right kind of nutrition, and how it can be used for self rejuvenation is knowledge you can take home with you and use long after the retreat finishes.

Yoga for all levels...

Whether you are a seasoned Yogi, or an outright beginner, all levels are welcomed with open arms. Time is allocated specifically to practice and learn about breathing techniques, alongside guided meditation and yoga sessions. This enables you to explore physical, mental and spiritual balance. Classes primarily focus on the liver and lymphatic system meridians, using vinyasa and restorative yoga to regenerate and support the nervous system. Breathing exercises are introduced to help alkalize the body and sessions are completed with meditation or Yoga Nidra - an ancient form of deep relaxation to set intention and release deep tensions.

A typical retreat day...

Detox Yoga Retreat Daily Timetable

This holistic retreat will leave you inspired and re-energised for many months to come. With practical teachings and advice that can be taken home and applied in everyday life, there are so many reasons to get yours booked!Learn More Button with Blush Pink Text in Rectangular Frame

Service Overview: Providing a gentle way to cleanse, nourish, rebalance your system, and help you to start feeling more like yourself again, this is the perfect [...]

Starting from £280 (early bird price) or £295 normally.

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