Quick Health Tips For Busy Mums

Quick Health Tips for Busy Mums Watermelon Smile

The struggle is real…

It doesn’t matter where you are in the mummy cycle, from breastfeeding to the school run, you are often left feeling you never have enough time for self care. And while you fuss over what’s in the childrens lunch boxes, you often graze on all the unhealthy stuff throughout the day. Our quick health tips for busy mums (coz let’s face it, when are our lives anything but?!) help to make it surprisingly simple to start looking after your own health – it just takes a change in your mindset and a strong support network like Modern Mumology!

Stop comparing yourself to the Kardashians

Quick Health Tips for Busy Mums Womans Photoshoot Prep

Yes, celebrity mums make it look easy. They’re back in their skinnies and looking gorgeous seemingly within minutes of giving birth! But there’s a whole army of stylists, specialist photographers, personal trainers and nutritionists (not to mention nannies and photoshop-never underestimate the powers of photoshop!) behind them doing the hard work so they can make being a mum look easy. Ignoring them and staying true to your own goals will help protect your wellbeing.

Pack fitness into your daily routine

Quick Health Tips for Busy Mums Mother and Son Playing

From squats with the washing basket to online pilates classes, there are plenty of ways to work out. To get the most out of your precious time, then go for intensity not quantity and look for HIIT classes, or an online PT that can help you pack in targeted workouts that count.

Try turning playtime into exercise for all the family. Whether that’s a game of football or a mad dance around the kitchen. The kids will love their funny mummy and you’ll be looking after your, and their, overall fitness.

Keep it simple

Quick Health Tips for Busy Mums Kitchen Prep with Recipe

Yes, we all have fantasies about bringing up our children as mini gourmets. But unless you’re a Michelin starred chef, it can sometimes be better to keep it simple. Eating together as a family, has proven health benefits, so work out your family’s favourite meals and batch cook them for ultimate working mum convenience.

Make the most of meal ordering websites that offer healthy and nutritious meal plans, complete with produce and recipe. Try odering an organic fruit and veg box so you can always rustle up something delicious. But don’t forget to permit yourself the occasional indulgence, because treating yourself well, is essential to self care.

Make the small things count

Quick Health Tips for Busy Mums Mint Green Water Bottle

Start the day with a proper breakfast then build in a walk or some meditation…where you do nothing other than the task in hand. Time out, even just for 10 minutes, can make all the difference. Keep a handful of nuts or other healthy snacks in your handbag and around the house, and stay properly hydrated (a pretty water bottle always helps with motivation to get those h20 levels up!)

A little self care goes a long way and these quick health tips for busy mums, just like you,  will help you on your way to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Looking after your own wellbeing is the essential building block that helps you to become one balanced Mama.

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