For The Busy Mum of Today-Everything You Need to Know About Modern Mumology

For The Busy Mum of Today – Everything You Need to Know About Modern Mumology

Hey there Mama! I am beyond made up, (and if being honest, perhaps a little nervous too!) to introduce to you… Modern Mumology… the very new, very exciting, online hub for the busy mum of today.

You may have heard this before, but it is so true; being a Mum is one of the greatest (yet also the hardest) things you can ever do.

There are so many reasons why this is even more apt now, than it ever has been before:

– Because we juggle work as well as parenting, running a home and trying to maintain something that resembles a healthy lifestyle for ourselves.

– Because social media runs 24 hours a day. This can put extra pressure on us to lead that picture perfect, interesting and ‘shareable’ life. It fuels the illusion that everyone else ‘appears’ to have nailed motherhood with seeming ease. Minus the grey hairs, dark circles, saggy ‘mum-tum’ and feral child.

– Because due to increased pressures, we need more help, more answers, more energy, more sleep…

Why was Modern Mumology born?

Having been a participant in the corporate struggle associated with being a working mum…and coming pretty damn close to meltdown mode in the process. The idea for Modern Mumology ultimately came from a deep understanding of how quickly the daily rat-race can lead to burn out. Coupled with a true passion to help empower busy mums to ensure that this doesn’t happen to them.

Alongside this was a recognition that regardless of your work status, Motherhood is a tough gig. We need to be able to focus on ourselves, even if only in short intervals, in order to be at our best for everyone else.

We literally put every other person before ourselves and manage to juggle all of the balls for the whole family.

At Modern Mumology, we get how tough it can be trying to do everything, especially with work restrictions beyond our own control. Our mission is to bring inspiration to every Mum on their journey to find a balance of flexible working, freedom and enhanced wellness.

Not having time to look for help stops us from getting it

We understand that you don’t have time to read massive self-help books or listen to extensive podcasts, to sign up for lengthy training sessions, or to search endlessly for services that will make your life slightly less exhausting – if you had time to do all that, well, perhaps you wouldn’t even be reading this right now.

Having spent (and lost) so much time trying to source relevant information that is scattered about the internet, with no clue as to credible sources. The need to present easily accessible, genuine avenues in both work and wellness was ignited.

This website has been created to help the time poor, busy mum, to explore multiple options all under one roof. Gone are the days of dipping in and out of several different sites, trying to find answers, and losing precious time (and often the will to live in the process).

We wanted to remove the barriers and confusion that stop us from getting the help we so desperately want and need.

So, what will Modern Mumology offer?

Whatever it is you need. Basically, it all comes down to bringing you what you need that will make your life as a busy mum easier, will make you happier, and will not take up too much of your most precious commodity; time.

Our directory of services covers this from two angles, bringing entrepreneurial opportunities and guidance to help create balance within your ‘working’ life, along with mental and physical wellbeing solutions and support to help introduce it into your ‘everyday’ life.

We love to share, and so information, hints and tips on every topic under the sun (think juicing, relationships, tantrums-yours not the toddlers, PND, dreamy careers, Mama hacks and so much more) will be right at your fingertips.

We believe that we should be able to look and feel our best (even with little humans in tow, wreaking havoc with our sleep, emotions and bodies!) That we should be able to work, and live, on our own terms….and so beautiful Mama,  we are all about how to make that happen.

Because we don’t think the choices you have are good enough…

Far too many women are run-down by the weight of everything that they take on. But hey, that’s just what us Mums do, right?!

We work until we collapse. Or we compromise something important like choosing work that doesn’t work for us. Putting our kids in care when we don’t want to. Spending time doing things that we have to do, rather than the things that we want to do, like look after ourselves,spend actual pleasant moments with our children, or even just see our friends.

At Modern Mumology HQ, the general consensus is that the choice of either compromise or collapse is….well, pretty pants really. We will not tell you to drop the balls or even just one or two, because we know that you won’t. But we do think you should join us in not accepting either compromise or collapse as the only way. Instead explore your options, and choose freedom, flexibility and feeling the best you can. And maybe some fun too!

Here, with us, and in The Modern Motherhood Hub, our private Facebook Group. You will also find a whole bunch of new BFFs and sisters who ‘just get it’ – even without you having to say a word.

What makes us different

So, the plan is to bring everything to you, all under one roof. We are compiling the things that you need and making them easy to find and even easier to access.

Modern Mumology is all about introducing the busy Mum of today, to the services they need in order to create balance. We are like your favourite local hangout. A little bit of peaceful adult space, created just for you, where you chill out, grab your drink of choice, and meet the people that can truly change your life.

For businesses and organisations

If you are a business or organisation with the opportunities and solutions that our Mamas are looking for; we definitely want to hear from you. That’s half of the point! Contact us and see how being a part of our awesome community can connect you to the people you love to help.

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