Digital Solutions For New Businesses – Just How Important Are They?

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Starting Out On Your Own? We Chat Digital Solutions For New Businesses….

Due to unrealistic workplace expectations and restrictions, gender pay gaps, and some general burnout thrown in for good measure… More and more women post children, are exploring their options around self employment. In a day and age were modern technology pretty much rules the world. It comes as no surprise that its involvment really is a key element for consideration when working for yourself. We catch up with Warmington Media, who specialise (rather uniquely!) in digital solutions for new businesses. Helping Mums just like you, to hit the ground running with your exciting venture!

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We were established in early 2014 by our founding partners, who came together from across various industries. From aerospace to fashion design; they all recognised a reoccurrence across their industries. The absolute need to keep up with the digital age that is upon us. Warmington Media was created to bring together 120 years of combined experience to help small businesses and individuals as they grow their businesses from the ground up.

4 years later, and we have worked with over 1500 companies on a variety of different types of projects, even partnering with big high street brands such as Selfridges and Cadbury Chocolate.

How are you different from other businesses out there?

In the words of our clients, “working with Warmington Media feels like working with your own team”. We value our personable and very friendly approach to our clients and have a corporate focus on helping both our clients and the world at large. We tackle problems like gender inequality in the workplace and environmental pollution, through internal policies and also influence our clients to follow in suit. Starting from 2018, all of our websites are now powered by 100% sustainable renewable energy – our greatest achievement so far.

What is the most popular service you offer?

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For sure the most popular service we offer is website design and development. Our clients tell us that when they came to start their businesses, one of the biggest problem they came across was how to create and manage a website. Especially when time is constrained and the budget is tight – so we came up with a solution. All of our website plans are built on monthly billed contracts, meaning minimal long-term commitment is required. These plans mean that even once we finish clients’ websites, we don’t abandon them. Instead, we are on hand 24/7 to make adjustments to the websites we build. For example, to add a new product to an online store, or change a seasonal theme. Our clients aren’t customers, they are long-term partners. We also publish monthly reports on the performance of our clients’ websites and form a strategy to help improve performance.

What’s the number one piece of advice that you would give to our mums who are considering setting their own business up?

When starting a new business, the best place to look for new customers is always through digital solutions. This includes having a website and using social media channels. A local shop has the potential to reach a few thousands local residences. An online digital shop has the potential to reach any of the over 3 billion people worldwide that use the internet. It has never been easier to sell your products and services to people, around the globe, 24/7.

You have 3 words to sum up Warmington Media… GO!

Modern, Clean and Sustainable.

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