Work After Maternity Leave : Common Fears as You Plan Your Return

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This post is sponsored by Power of the Parent , written by their inspiring Founder and Coach Charlotte (who also happens to be a fellow busy Mama too!) Read her top tips on how to tackle your fears head on and feel more confident as you return to work after maternity leave.

Common fears for returning parents…

You’ve just had a significant* (insert your own number here) amount of time away from your usual place of work. Deadlines driven by project plans, company politics and predominantly adult interaction, have been swapped for routines driven by a tiny human. All whilst keeping one eye constantly on the nappy supply, and figuring out which baby groups are going to be the most welcoming. One thing is consistent when it comes to maternity, adoption or shared parental leave (SPL). Everybody has a different experience, and that return to work is met with a heap of varied emotions.Continue Reading →

The Risk of Burnout – A Personal Story

The Risk of Burnout Woman in Despair
Author: Maxine, a beautiful Mama, shares her own personal encounter with the burnout she faced as a Mum-In-Business, and the lessons she learnt along the way.

It can happen to us all, sneaking up when we least expect it…

The risk of burnout is real. I am sharing my story in the hope that it will help even just one person to recognise it for what it is. To call it out, and to get the help they need to get back on track.Continue Reading →

Digital Solutions For New Businesses – Just How Important Are They?

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*Modern Mumology and Warmington Media have a business relationship

Starting Out On Your Own? We Chat Digital Solutions For New Businesses….

Due to unrealistic workplace expectations and restrictions, gender pay gaps, and some general burnout thrown in for good measure… More and more women post children, are exploring their options around self employment. In a day and age were modern technology pretty much rules the world. It comes as no surprise that its involvment really is a key element for consideration when working for yourself. We catch up with Warmington Media, who specialise (rather uniquely!) in digital solutions for new businesses. Helping Mums just like you, to hit the ground running with your exciting venture!Continue Reading →

What is a Virtual Assistant – Why do I Need One?

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Author: Lora: VA, PA, Mum and Owner of  LC Virtual Assistant Services *Modern Mumology and LC Virtual Assistant Services have a business relationship.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

People often ask…What is a Virtual Assistant? What exactly do they do and how can they help me? Well let me explain this a bit more…

A virtual assistant can offer services such as administration, technical and creative support to businesses. They can also offer a helping hand to households, from managing family resources and budgets to scheduling family appointments, the list in endless. All done remotely, from their own location.Continue Reading →

Returning to Work After Maternity Leave – Our Top Three Tips

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Author: Charlotte: Coach, Mum and Owner of Power of the Parent *Modern Mumology and Power of the Parent have a business relationship.

Mama it’s going to be ok, you’ve got this…

So, you’re returning to work after maternity leave and it’s time for a new kind of adventure. One where you’re adding work into the mix of child rearing, house admin, life admin, attempting a social life (maybe?), reminding yourself who you are, and coming to terms with the fact that getting out of the house in the morning isn’t going to be quite as it was pre project procreation. I’ll put myself out there right now and tell you – you’ve got this.Continue Reading →

What Makes You Sparkle? Rediscover The Real You Again.

Rediscover the Real You-Happy Woman Holding Delicate Fairy Lights

If life has you questioning things right now, perhaps it’s time to rediscover the real you again…

Remember when you were little and anything seemed possible? You used to spend hours out on your bike/building dens/making rose petal perfume … All with some whimsical storyline interwoven, spreading some magic. The world was your oyster. That beautifully perfect life, and dream career, would be waiting for you just around the corner, when you grew up. Now I’m not talking fairy dust and unicorns, but if deep down you miss that sheer sense of inner wonderment and joy, and thinking that your life is lacking in purpose, it might just be time to rediscover the real you again.

If you feel like your grown-up life has lost its sparkle, then you need to reconnect with what it is that takes you to your happy place.Continue Reading →

For The Busy Mum of Today-Everything You Need to Know About Modern Mumology

For The Busy Mum of Today – Everything You Need to Know About Modern Mumology

Hey there Mama! I am beyond made up, (and if being honest, perhaps a little nervous too!) to introduce to you… Modern Mumology… the very new, very exciting, online hub for the busy mum of today.

You may have heard this before, but it is so true; being a Mum is one of the greatest (yet also the hardest) things you can ever do.

There are so many reasons why this is even more apt now, than it ever has been before:Continue Reading →