Postpartum Back Pain – Prevention is Better Than Cure!

Pregnant Lady on Pilates Ball for Postpartum Back Pain
Author: Katherine, fellow Mum and Founder of Future Physiotherapy. *Modern Mumology and Future Physiotherapy have a business partnership*

Hi ladies, today I want to talk about back pain. It’s an unfortunate statistic that the majority of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives. As a woman, it’s more likely than not, you will experience it while you are pregnant or at some stage during the post-natal period. When you think about it, it’s not all that surprising! Our ligaments are stretched to the point where they can no longer help to support us. We are carrying extra weight, especially around our middle, and we are putting the baby first. This makes us less likely to remember to look after ourselves!

Once the injury occurs, it’s even more difficult to look after both yourself and your baby. So, todays blog is talking about how prevention is the best treatment when it comes to back pain. All you need to do is implement a few small habits into your daily routine. Decrease the load on your back, and you will significantly decrease your risk of developing back pain.Continue Reading →

The Risk of Burnout – A Personal Story

The Risk of Burnout Woman in Despair
Author: Maxine, a beautiful Mama, shares her own personal encounter with the burnout she faced as a Mum-In-Business, and the lessons she learnt along the way.

It can happen to us all, sneaking up when we least expect it…

The risk of burnout is real. I am sharing my story in the hope that it will help even just one person to recognise it for what it is. To call it out, and to get the help they need to get back on track.Continue Reading →

Top Tips to Prevent Neck Pain Whilst Feeding Your Baby

Prevent Neck Pain Whilst Feeding Your Baby Woman Feeding Baby Under Tree
Author: Katherine, fellow Mum and Founder of Future Physiotherapy. *Modern Mumology and Future Physiotherapy have a business partnership*

Hi ladies, today I want to talk about how to prevent neck pain whilst feeding your baby. It is one of the most common postpartum complaints because mothers spend so much time seated, leaning forwards, and gazing down at their baby during feeding sessions. Understandably we, as new mothers, are so focused on our baby being comfortable and feeding effectively, that we are willing to put up with some discomfort ourselves, but then it slowly gets worse and worse until the pain becomes too much to bear.  Unsuitable feeding positions, sustained over a prolonged period of time, place strain on the neck – leading to pain, nerve pressure and muscle strains, something we ultimately want to avoid.Continue Reading →

Quick Health Tips For Busy Mums

Quick Health Tips for Busy Mums Watermelon Smile

The struggle is real…

It doesn’t matter where you are in the mummy cycle, from breastfeeding to the school run, you are often left feeling you never have enough time for self care. And while you fuss over what’s in the childrens lunch boxes, you often graze on all the unhealthy stuff throughout the day. Our quick health tips for busy mums (coz let’s face it, when are our lives anything but?!) help to make it surprisingly simple to start looking after your own health – it just takes a change in your mindset and a strong support network like Modern Mumology!Continue Reading →

What Makes You Sparkle? Rediscover The Real You Again.

Rediscover the Real You-Happy Woman Holding Delicate Fairy Lights

If life has you questioning things right now, perhaps it’s time to rediscover the real you again…

Remember when you were little and anything seemed possible? You used to spend hours out on your bike/building dens/making rose petal perfume … All with some whimsical storyline interwoven, spreading some magic. The world was your oyster. That beautifully perfect life, and dream career, would be waiting for you just around the corner, when you grew up. Now I’m not talking fairy dust and unicorns, but if deep down you miss that sheer sense of inner wonderment and joy, and thinking that your life is lacking in purpose, it might just be time to rediscover the real you again.

If you feel like your grown-up life has lost its sparkle, then you need to reconnect with what it is that takes you to your happy place.Continue Reading →

For The Busy Mum of Today-Everything You Need to Know About Modern Mumology

For The Busy Mum of Today – Everything You Need to Know About Modern Mumology

Hey there Mama! I am beyond made up, (and if being honest, perhaps a little nervous too!) to introduce to you… Modern Mumology… the very new, very exciting, online hub for the busy mum of today.

You may have heard this before, but it is so true; being a Mum is one of the greatest (yet also the hardest) things you can ever do.

There are so many reasons why this is even more apt now, than it ever has been before:Continue Reading →