About Us

About Us

Life is not about us missing out, it's about us being present, with those we love and enjoying every single second of it, and so this right here...is something just for you, the beautiful busy mum of today...

Hey There Mama!

So, perhaps you’re questioning things a little right now... Maybe how surely there must be more to life? That you didn’t create your gorgeous children, just to have a mere 5 weeks off a year with them. The overwhelming sense of missing out, whilst feeling beyond tired, is something that hits you. Square in the face…every.single.day.

The never ending pressure and expectations of being a mum is immense. Throw work and its restrictions into the mix, and there's often a metaphorical ticking time bomb. Casually lurking in the shadows, just waiting to go off. Whether you’re currently on Maternity Leave, or thick in the middle of it all, you know that work + children = major changes

Modern Mumology, was born from an understanding of just how quickly the daily rat-race can lead to burn out. Alongside a passion to help empower mums to ensure that this doesn’t happen to them. We believe in freedom and fulfilment in every aspect. That optimums of both work, and wellness, go hand in hand with each other in helping to establish a much more balanced lifestyle, and a better equipped individual, able to meet the demands that the busy mum of today faces confidently and effectively. Simply put, our belief is this:

Work On Your Terms + Enhanced Wellness = One Balanced Mama

Our collective collaborations showcase solutions and support outside of the employment grind. Promoting work on your terms, doing something that you love, whilst fitting it in around your family. Truth bomb right here. Work can be flexible and fulfilling post children. More importantly though, it doesn’t have to come at the sacrifice of your sanity, or those precious moments you just can’t get back. Discover exciting opportunities ...be it online education for a career boost or change, your own franchise, a carefully crafted ready made business, or simply connecting with the right professional to help support you on your amazing new journey.

Poor nutrition, lack of exercise and mental exhaustion can help contribute towards burnout. No matter what your everyday life involves. If you're in need of a healthier approach to mum-life, either mentally, physically or both. We've got your back. Our online wellness practitioners cover a wealth of areas to help re-discover 'you' again, instil some calm and promote self care. We hear you when you say you just don’t have time, or childcare. That’s why our focus is online, bite sized achievable segments, without the need to compromise elsewhere. Check out our dedicated professionals who will be there with you, every step of the way to help guide you back to absolute wellness, whatever your goal.

Explore, enjoy, and if there is anything we can help you with, just shout out or join us and our special tribe over in the private Facebook Group.

There IS another way…and we are here to show you…x

P.S If your business fits in with helping our Mamas, we would absolutely love to have you onboard, please contact us or go here to find out how you can join the Modern Mumology Family.